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Marketing Services

  • Media planning and media purchasing / online advertising, mobile advertising, TV

    As an advisory and performance-aligned media agency, we stand out with our clear business approach. Our focus is on digital advertising for the gaming and gambling industry.
    The growth dynamics of the iGaming industry demand close examination of many different factors and tools in the online area to be successful as quickly as possible. Fun games, browser games, sports bets, arcade games, slot games, casino games, poker, games of skill and Lotto: each product has a different target group. When purchasing media services, considerable know-how and understanding of the advertised product is required.

    We support you in the realisation of your project and ideas over the entire range of the sales and marketing mix. From a broad range of options we consistently and profitably implement the strategy that suits you best – in a perfect cooperation. Based on our well-developed network in Europe and the volumes we achieve, we get the very best conditions. Loosely based on the old business wisdom, that β€œthe profit is in the purchase!”

  • Mobile advertising

    Mobile use of the internet is becoming ever more popular with smartphones and tablets. Gameplay Media is one of the pioneers in mobile advertising. We have already helped to put Pharaohs Way and the mobile apps from Novomatic (Book of Ra, Sizzling Hot, Lucky Ladies, and many more) on the right path here. Increasing advertising spends and ranges all suggest that the future of digital advertising is in mobile advertising. You simply must be where your target group is!
    We tell you which tracking solutions make the most sense, which advertising formats perform best and which mobile channels work the most effectively. Be it with iOS or Android, App-Store or Google Play Store, with a mobile network or in app advertising, your CPI (cost per install) always sets the pace!

  • Affiliate and performance marketing

    Affiliate marketing is a very successful sales channel, especially in unregulated gambling markets, and it requires extensive control and an understanding of the mechanisms. As a certified affiliate agency, we procure numerous publishers, advertiser and SEO experts for you, to advertise for you and support you in the marketing of your products and services.

  • Display advertising / Real time advertising / Real time bidding

    We have access to seats and/or direct mandates with the most important online exchanges, and negotiate for available advertising space between the demand-side platforms and the supply-side platforms. We make daily tweaks in the process and avoid any cannibalization effects in the campaigns.

  • Social media marketing / SMM

    Facebook advertising is more than the development and care of Facebook fan pages and the deployment of right-hand ads. We work with Social.com and other optimisation tools, use all new Facebook advertising channels and keep contact with Facebook Ireland to ensure the best possible performance from your campaigns. We also continuously sound out and test new social media channels, as Facebook is not the only one in the world!

  • Search engine marketing / SEM

    One of our greatest strengths is in keyword advertising with Google Adwords, Bing or other search engines. We purposefully implement your campaigns and optimise them by means of the latest tools/ technologies – getting more out of your accounts than any in-house employee, but always strictly in accordance with your terms of reference.

  • Direct marketing / Newsletter advertising

    We have access to the best databases from all over Europe. Our principle is quality and fair prices. We know how successful email marketing works. Tell us your target group and we will find it for you!
    We are happy to offer you extensive and expert advice and well as the technical support and smooth dispatch of your campaigns.

  • Market entry consulting

    Would you like to open up new gaming markets? Do you have lots of questions? What is the value of, and what is hidden behind, the German State Treaty on Gambling? We give you authoritative advice, tell you about any legal and local snags and show you the shortcuts to business success. Market Research, assessment of potential, risk analysis, opportunities for growth, a competition overview, forecast investment volumes and return on investment. We capably underpin your market entry strategy from the point of view of an experienced local player!

  • Customer relationship management / CRM / Platform management

    In the long term, good customer relationship processes are the most important guarantor for a thriving gaming platform. Nothing is more important, and more advantageous, than to keep all your expensively acquired players. To do this, elementary platform parameters such as churn rate, customer lifetime value, aborted deposits, landing page optimisation, bonus money incentives, events mailings, content preparation, multi currency features, localisation, eye tracking and A/B testing etc. must be taken into consideration. We know all the processes back to front!

  • Creating advertising material

    Advertising material must click and address your target group. We have been doing our job successfully since 1998. This includes the bread-and-butter business such as the conception, development and creation of digital advertising material.

    On request, we will advise and design effectively functioning advertising material jointly with you. With these requirements we will register campaigns for you in each conceivable country in Europe, always paying attention to, and constantly checking, the KPIs and success factors set by you. May the games begin!